Salty Bits



09 Oct 2013

My ass has been saved countless times by late night "Aha! I got you f*cker!" blog posts. Warning signs posted by fellow travelers on the bug-riden road of software development.

I've started a few personal blogs in the past, but I've never been able to keep up the momentum. A quick sprint of a few posts and then it's as though I forgot I ever created it in the first place.

I'm constantly impressed by guys like TJ Holowaychuk (, not only by the quality and shear quantity of the libraries he's written, but also by how actively he blogs about them and puts time into documenting everything so clearly. TJ is an animal!

For whatever reason, I've always found it hard to help people I'm not face-to-face with. Or even stay in contact with them for that matter (sorry guys!). Being on the short end of a time difference makes it surprisingly hard to keep in touch.

With a wife and two kids, a full time job, and a healthy appetite for getting in the water and staying active, it's hard to pause and reflect, let alone write a blog post just to help a fellow programmer out.

But the time has come! This post is my promise to get out there and install some warning signs of my own. Please kick me on twitter if you see me falling behind!

If you don't have a development blog of your own, start one today! Jump on Jekyll, host it on github pages, and just focus on content. You can pretty it up later!